The Bioprocesses laboratory focuses mainly on the revaluation of agroindustrial waste and/or residues through the generation of value-added products mainly directed to the food industry, such as: pigments, antioxidants, lactic acid, prebiotics, enzymes, among others.

The different lines that are developed are oriented to the design of fermentative processes reusing residual biomasses generated by the agroindustry of the region, with a focus on the study and optimization of the variables involved in obtaining, purifying and characterizing the target molecules.

In this sense, we seek that the knowledge generated allows us to provide advice, services and technology transfer to the different actors involved in the regional agroindustrial production chain; in order to contribute to the use of resources, value addition and reduction of the environmental impact of these activities.

Laboratory Members

  • Diana Romanini

  • María Rocío Meini

  • Adriana Clementz

  • Dana Piazza

  • Natasha Melnichuk

  • Laureana Guerra


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