El IPROByQ IPROByQ is an institution formed by professionals from different disciplines who use scientific knowledge to develop technologies with measurable socio-economic impact. Since its foundation in 2014, the institute has focused its efforts on the development and transfer of chemical and biotechnological processes, which directly or through their products replace industrial processes that pollute the environment. In all cases, the aim is that the technologies developed also increase the productivity of obsolete processes, in order to favor their rapid adoption by the industrial sector.

IPROByQ is an Institute that belongs to both UNR and CONICET, located in Mitre 1998. Its professionals devote much of their time to train technologists with an integral vision, who focus their efforts on those projects capable of generating the greatest impact on the productive sector. In addition to specific technical training, the institute has initiated training programs for its fellows in the areas of intellectual property analysis, project management, business analysis and regulatory aspects. The main objective is to train human resources with the capacity to generate new companies or to join existing companies and contribute with their knowledge to increase the competitiveness of national industry and job creation.

In addition to their academic achievements, in a few years, IPROByQ professionals have generated an important socio-economic impact by forming a large number of technology-based (TBCs) companies, some of them obtaining international patents. The TBCs formed by IPROByQ have made national companies and foreign capitals invest important sums of money in Argentina.

Hugo Menzella

Dra. Diana Romanini

Téc. All, Juan Diego
Lic. Anselmi, Pablo
Dr. Boschetti, Carlos
Dra. Paoletti, Luciana
Dra. Pellegrini Malpiedi, Luciana
Dra. Rodríguez, Fernanda

Members of the Institute:

Aguirre, Andrés  (Associate researcher)
All, Juan Diego (Support staff)
Anselmi, Pablo (Doctoral fellow)
Azcárate, Federico José (Support staff)
Benedetti, Gonzalo (Doctoral fellow)
Bertoni, Fernando Ariel (Post-doctoral fellow)
Boschetti, Carlos Eugenio (Independent researcher)
Cansino, Claudio Exequiel (Support staff)
Casal, Nicolas (Administración)
Castelli, María Eugenia (Independent researcher)
Cerminati, Sebastián (Associate researcher)
Clementz, Adriana Laura (Assistant researcher)
Dacharry, Luz Maria (Administración)
Espariz, Martín (Independent researcher)
Figueroa, Sol (Independent researcher)
Giordano, Enrique David Víctor (Assistant researcher)
Giro, Mariana (Professional Associate)
Gómez Acevedo, Antonella  (Post-doctoral fellow)
Guerra, Laureana (Doctoral fellow)
Haidar, Carla Nahir  (Doctoral fellow)
Lacava, Franco (Doctoral fellow)
Martini, Georgina  (Doctoral fellow)
Medina, Daiana  (External Doctoral Fellow)
Meini, María Rocío (Assistant researcher)
Melnichuk, Natasha  (Doctoral fellow)
Menzella, Hugo Gabriel (Principal researcher)
Morilla, Esteban (Doctoral fellow)
Mutti, Paula (Doctoral fellow)
Nerli, Bibiana B.  (Principal researcher)
Paoletti, Luciana (Associate researcher)
Peirú, Salvador (Independent researcher)
Pellegrini Malpiedi, Luciana  (Associate researcher)
Petitti, Tomás (Doctoral fellow)
Piazza, Dana (Doctoral fellow)
Picó, Guillermo Alfredo (Senior researcher)
Ponce de León, Camila (Doctoral fellow)
Rodríguez, Fernanda Mariana (Associate researcher)
Romanini, Diana (Principal researcher)
Subils, Tomás (Post-doctoral fellow)
Torti, Pablo (Post-doctoral fellow)
Taddia, Antonela  (Support staff)
Tubio, Gisela (Independent researcher)
Val, Diego Sebastián (Doctoral fellow)
Willa, Lorena Paola (Support staff)
Woitovich Valetti, Nadia (Associate researcher)

The institute is currently located at Mitre 1998, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.