Self-assembled systems

Micellar systems arise from the self-assembly of amphipathic substances or surfactants under regulated conditions of temperature, pH, ionic strength, among others. They are nanostructured systems in which the micellar phase (disperse) and the solvent (dispersant) have different polarities. These properties allow, depending on the case, to solubilize hydrophobic substances, encapsulate hydrophilic proteins, or be applied in purification processes. Our lines of work include:

  • Production and characterization of biosurfactants, from different microbial strains, optimizing culture media and using substrates from industrial waste/by-products. This line of research focuses on finding biosurfactants with optimal functional properties (stability, emulsifying capacity), suitable for industrial uses such as the formulation of detergents, soaps, etc.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly production of surfactants using regional waste/by-products. This new line of research is dedicated to finding optimal conditions of enzymatic synthesis to obtain low-cost surfactants for different industrial and domestic application.
  • Design of new mixed micellar systems with low environmental impact formed with biosurfactants and low-toxicity commercial surfactants. This research also includes their structural and functional characterization.
  • The application of the produced biosurfactants and/or designed micellar systems in bioseparation, remediation and encapsulation processes. This investigation’s subject points out to the recovery of valuable molecules such as tocopherols, isoflavones, from by-products or industrial waste such as soy flour and oil deodorization products; and also to the extraction and encapsulation of proteases from fish farming discards, developing technologies that improve the value chain.

Laboratory Members

  • Antonela Taddia
  • Antonella Gómez Acevedo
  • Bibiana B. Nerli
  • Carla Nahir Haidar
  • Fernando Bertoni
  • Georgina Martini
  • Gonzalo Benedetti
  • Luciana Pellegrini Malpiedi


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