Fermentation technology

Enzymes are replacing chemical industrial processes since they offer specificity, mild reaction conditions and cleaner solutions, generating better yields and a reduction on the environmental impact.

Since 2009, our research group has been dealing with the production of enzymes for industrial use. The group’s work is based on the redesign of genes using synthetic biology tools to increase production levels; the genetic engineering of producer organisms (production of genetically modified microorganisms, optimized for the efficient production of recombinant enzymes) and the development of fermentation technologies allowing high volumetric productivities.

In response to the region’s oil industries demands and in collaboration with them, we have developed enzymatic cocktails (phospholipases and lipases) for the treatment and refinement of crude vegetable oil, and for the conversion of waste material (generated in this process of refinement) into products with commercial value. In addition, an enzyme with steryl glucosidase activity capable of completely eliminating steryl glucosides from soybean-derived biodiesel has been developed and patented. This development allows obtaining high quality biodiesel using a simple and environmentally friendly treatment.

In all cases, the developments of this group are accompanied by a rigorous intellectual property analysis to ensure the capture of the results obtained for their subsequent transfer to adopting companies.

The training of human resources in this laboratory is aimed at generating professionals capable of transferring and generating new technological tools within the productive sector

Laboratory Members

  • Hugo Gabriel Menzella
  • Pablo Anselmi
  • Diego Val
  • Mariana Giró
  • Juan Diego All



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